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It is obvious that Android is one of the most popular operating system world-wide today as it provides a huge collection of apps and also because it is user-friendly, easy to use with lots of new features that are being added time and again that makes the user spend there most of the time with their Android device but sometimes we can’t install app on our phone because of different errors. Parse Error is one of the common error of android. This error occurs while installing an app and a message is displayed saying “There was a Problem Parsing the PackageNow you don’t  have to worry anymore. Here I will show you some of the method to Fix Parse Error and even the reason behind the error.

Reasons for the Parse Error.

  1. The Downloaded .apk file might be Corrupted or not fully downloaded.
  2. Installation of apps from Unknown Source may be disabled in your phone.
  3. The app is not compatible with your Smartphone or version of OS that you are using.
  4. There might be an internal error on your smartphone or Tab.
  5. There is a Problem Parsing the Package may appear after upgrading your android version.

How To Fix Parse Error:

Now, as we know the reason behind the error. Let’s find out How To Fix Parse Error by following the given methods.

Method 1: Allow Installation from Unknown Sources

Mostly we download the app from Google Play Store but sometimes we even download it from unknown sources as a result android doesn’t allow us to install the app and we face this error.One of the most common fix to this problem is to Enable “Allow installation of apps from unknown Sources”. Follow the step to Enable the option.
  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Select Applications.
  3. Check the box next to ‘Unknown sources’. Be aware that this raises your exposure to malware if you’re not careful with what you install.
  4. Retry installing the app that gave you the error.
In the majority of cases, enabling Unknown sources is enough to address the issue. It might be a good idea to disable this setting once you have successfully installed the app. It is one of the ways malware can find its way onto your device. If it didn’t, try one of these steps. Try each one and then try to install the app. If it installs correctly there is obviously no need to continue onto the next.

Method 2: Check your .apk file:

Sometimes the problem might be with the .apk file which was downloaded, it can be due to multiple reasons like incompletely downloaded file or corrupted apk file. You need to download the application once again and make sure that the file is completely downloaded. Another reason can be that the App you are trying to install is Incompatible with your Android device, this can occur when you are using an older version of the OS which is not supported by the application.

Method 3: Disable Security and Cleaner Apps to Fix Parse Error:

Sometimes, Disabling antivirus or cleaner apps may fix parse error surprisingly. Like me, There are many users who are using Avast, AVG, Avira, Norton, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, CM Security or 360 Security apps. Again, Clean Master, ccleaner or other cleaner apps have very good popularity. If you are one of them using any of these, Try to disable these temporarily in case of fixing there is a problem parsing the package. Then, Try to install your app. I hope, You will no longer face parse error.

  1. Disable the antivirus on your phone and retry the installation. Again, being careful what you’re installing while you’re unprotected. Then re-enable it once installed.
  2. Download the file again in case of file corruption and retry.
  3. Check compatibility between the app and your version of Android. It should be mentioned somewhere on the app page.

Method 4: Use Older .APK to Get Rid of Parse Error:

If 1st 3 steps doesn’t work, it can be said that the app is not compatible with your device. Try to install it on another android device which have newer version of android and have powerful device. If it works In that case, Try to install an older version of the app. I hope it will fix there is a problem parsing the package error. You should download older .apk file from trusted source.

Method 5: Enable USB debugging

USB debugging is mainly for app developers but for some reason, a number of Android users said just enabling debugging fixed the error. It is worth a try if none of the preceding steps worked for you.
  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your device.
  2. Select Developer options and enable USB debugging.
  3. Retry the installation of the app.
If USB debugging doesn’t work for you, aside from checking the .APK manifest file, there is little left to do. Unfortunately, it means you cannot install that version of the app onto your current version of Android. Hopefully it won’t come to that though.

If above mentioned methods don't work for you then here are some alternate steps which you can follow to fix the parse error 

Alternative Methods to Fix Parse Error:

If these methods don’t work for you, You can install android app via ADB. But it may cause damage to your device. If you are not expert, You can follow other alternative fixes.

1. Upgrade Android OS:

Incompatible apps may show you parse error. So if you are using an older version of android, upgrade it to the latest/newer version.

2. Clear Cache, Cookies:

Clearing cache and cookies may help you. At fist clear cache and cookies of google play. Then try to install the app. If you still face parse error, optimize your android device. Learn how to optimize android.

3. Reset Android:

You should not follow this method all time. Because resetting your phone or tab will erase all apps (Except pre-installed apps) and data from your phone memory. But resetting android can solve parse error.



System failures occur at the most unexpected times when you are engrossed in very important and urgent work related issues or even whilst relaxing with friends. Such errors can leave you very frustrated, worried and flustered. The loss of opportunities such bugs can cause is astounding. One minute you may be on the verge of the biggest breakthrough of your life and the next, everything comes crashing down on you.

Although Google Chrome happens to be the best web browser to use for surfing the internet, many users can attest to the various network errors and crashes that has disrupted their lives whilst using the Google Chrome browser to surf the web.  DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_BAD_CONFIG or DNS PROBE FINISHED BAD CONFIG is one of the common errors encountered by Chrome users.

Issues with your Domain Name Server (DNS) can be as a result of dns_probe_finished_bad_config error. The DNS is used to connect websites with their matching IP addresses.

Here are following sets of solutions that can help you to take out from this problem:-

Solution 1: DNS Settings Change

Step 1: Right Click > Network icon > Select Open Network and Sharing Center

Step 2: Click on Local Area Connections > pick Properties.
Step 3: From the new window that opens > Choose ‘Internet Protocol Version 4’ > click Properties

Step 4:  Select ‘Use the following DNS Server Addresses’ button> Put in the ‘Preferred DNS Server’ box.
Step 5: Click Alternate Server box >  Fix in the box.
Step 6: Pick ‘Validate settings upon exit’ > Select OK.

Solution 2: Flush DNS(Using Cmd Prompt)

  • Open RUN by pressing Window key, and type “cmd” in search bar
  • Right click on “command Prompt” option & run it as administrator
  • Now type “ipconfig/flushdns” command without quote & hit enter

It will renew your IP address and resolve DNS lookup using a command prompt. Once it gets done, you will see the internet is connected from status bar of your computer. Once done, you will see successfully flushed the DNS resolver cache message on your command prompt.

Solution 3:Disabling/renabling network connection

  1. Press Windows key and type “cmd” in the search bar
  2. Right click "Command Prompt" and then select “Run as administrator”
  3. Run this command: netsh int ip reset (reboot)
  4. Open Google Chrome >> go to Settings >> History >> Clear browser history "from the beginning of time". 
  5. Now Go to Control Panel >> Network and Sharing Center (can also be accessed by right clicking on the Wi-Fi or network icon on the bottom right task bar)
  6. Click “Change adapter settings” (on the left side)
  7. Right click on your Network Connection and then select Disable
  8. Again right click on your network connection and select Enable
  9. Now connect to your Wi-Fi or LAN. You may need to enter your password. 
  10. Open Chrome and try opening a webpage. 

Solution 4: Restarting Router

Restarting the router or wireless device can solve the DNS error problem. so just turn off your router and unplug the power supply after 1-minute restart it again which solve the issue.


You might be knowing what an SEO is? If not then reading this article you will understand it not just theoritically but also practically.

The need for any site to become popular is SEO i.e. Search Engine Optimization and this is the only thing (not particularly thing but sort of a technique) that is the main priority of any search engine to rank up a site.

Now there are several elements involved for optimization of a site according to the search engine; being one is the technique of building backlinks.

Backlinks..!!  Backlinks ..!!  Backlinks ..!!

I wish you would have heard every now and then this word from several techy geeks working on seo management like an obsessed moron :). Well there is a solid reason behind this because backlinks are something that can boost the traffic of your site by leaps and bounds. So here I'm going to tell you about some awesome backlinks builder tricks that you can use to enhance your traffic growth.

What are backlinks ? 

Backlinks are the links that your webpage or website gets from another webpage or website, as if the 2nd website is referring you content to google.

It totally means that the other website is telling google:
"Hay this is a good website and you should also refer it as I consider it good for users"

So from the second website the google crawlers go into your website.

This is how a backlink works.

In 2016, the process and the method of creation of backlinks has totally changed the way of SEO industry. The process that we used to take and used to follow is totally obsolete these days, and if you are or were following the same procedure then you will get nothing out of it.

Quality Backlinks

Let me tell you first things first that backlinks coming from a quality site i.e. a site which is related to your niche and is very popular and has high Page Rank(PR). Let us take an example that suppose your niche is about music and you are making backlink at those sites that are music oriented sites and have high PR then you can say that you are getting a quality link.

According to the present trend of creating backlinks the value of quality is more than the value of quantity. So it doesn't matter the number of backlinks you make on a number of sites the only thing that matters is how many quality backlinks you get at the end because these quality backlinks are the only promotional tools of your website.

Above all the most quality backlinks come from .edu, .gov sites because these sites are authentic sites and google never doubts on them

Some of the quality sites- .gov, .edu etc

Now it is the time to  talk about the latest process and steps that you should take into account while creating the backlinks for your website.So initially we should know the various types of backlinks that can help you while making them for your site.

Types Of Backlinks

Basically there are two types of backlinks that rules in the world of Internet. These are:-

  1. Do Follow
  2. No Follow
But before I explain about these type of backlinks I want to clear that there are two persons who can visit any type of link or we can say that in the world of internet the links can be crawled by two persons one is the user and other is the search engine bots. This concept builds the base of these two types of links i.e. Do follow links and No Follow links.

Do Follow Backlinks-

Do follow backlinks are those links that can direct both user as well as search engine crawlers to the directed location. Now when a search engine crawler visits a do follow backlink it crawls the link and lands to the page directed by that link and crawls each and every link and matter present on that page hence the entire link juice is transferred to that page and thus it helps in increasing the PR of that page.
Now we will talk about various ways of creation of backlinks, that how and what type of backlinks we should create or get.

Tier-1 Backlinks

These are those backlinks which you should not create directly for your website.

This is one of the reliable processes to rank your website and also not get penalized by google if you over do the backlink creation.

All you have to do create some dummy websites of the same niche as your money making website and give contextual links directly to your money sites from dummy websites.

Now you just need focus on links for your dummy websites as they would indirectly give the link juice to your money website.

Tier one backlink could be very effective if you are planning to get a quick move on , but google with its latest update known as Penguin 4.0 has some measures to keep the check on the spammy backlinks  that are created by the SEos these days.

You will have to be very careful and keep every thing under control.

If you are using the internet frquently then you might have faced this ssl connection error in your google chrome browser and you might have been blocked while surfing the same website. And it might be frustrating for you as well as you might be facing the error frequently while using the internet connection. So now you need not worry as we will give you all the steps related to the fix of the ssl connection error.

What is SSL Connection Error ?

So basically SSL stands for Secured Socket Layer, which is a special layer of protection so that no one can interrupt the data or disrupt the data while it is send from opne party to the other. This ssl connection feature is not available for general websites as it has a certain cost associated with it so you need to purchase the ssl connection while you are buying the domain for yourself.In simpler words it is used to secure the data during its transmission.

The modern web browsers like Chrome or firefox contain default list of built-in certificates for SSL.In case the default settings are not optimal, it may cause SSL connection error.

Multiple reasons for the SSL connection Error:

    1. It mostly happens when SSL Certification is not updated
    2. When Webpage contains some of the secure and insecure data in multiple forms
    3. And the most common one is when there is a mismatch in Date and Time of your PC
    4. Importantly when SSL Certificate is untrusted.
    5. If there is a firewall between the computer and internet.
    6. If the content that the browser is trying to open contains trusted as well as untrusted stuff.
    7. Last but not the least due to Anti-virus protection.

So these are the pretty much all the reasons that cause the SSL connection error in google chrome. I have tried to go deep into this issue of resolving the issue so I did get multiple solutions that would surely work, so that is the only reason I am going to share the things that I got to know during my research.

Various Tips To Fix SSL Connection In Google Chrome

1 : Using the default chrome browser options.
  •  Right click on the shortcut file of Chrome icon and choose Properties.
  •  Then you would find a slot named as “Target”. You just need to replace the target field with “Application /chrome.exe-ignore-certificate-errors-“
  •   Click on the Apply and save it!

2. Correct the Date and Time of your PC
3. Try changing the settings of Antivirus
4. Manage Certificates in Chrome Browser
5. Change Settings of Google Chrome

Permanent solutions for fixing the SSL Connection error In your PC

The most basic step that you should follow for fixing any error is to "re-start" your system.

More than 90% of the problems that occur in your pc during the normal usage  gets resolved when you simply restart your system.

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If you are a windows user then in your daily life you might be facing issues with your broadband connectivity issues.

You might be getting error like "The connection is unavailable " and "Please contact administrator".
Sometimes you also might be getting error: Error 651.

People also  face issues like PPPOE error comes up on their screen and they get a pop-up like this.

These errors are very much normal for a user who uses an internet connectivity.

So not to worry, you are at the right place as here we have the step by step solution for your issues that are not letting you connect to the internet.
You can follow the following steps
1: You may reinstall the network adapter.
2. Disable the IPv6.
3. Disable autotune feature of windows.
4. Replace your pppoe config file.
5. Create a new connection.

You can also unplug the modem or router wire and wait for at least 4-5 minutes and then again plugin the wire to start a new connection.
By following these steps the problem might be resolved and if not resolved then you can restart your PC and initiate all the steps accordingly.

If you have tried all the above alternatives and nothing is working then I think you need to try the below steps which would definitely help you.

So for Resetting TCP/IP Settings.

 A. If using a Laptop, then you need to make sure that the wireless switch or button is powered on.
    then all you need to do is to Replace the RAS PPPoE driver:

  1.         Firstly Open a Command Prompt as Administrator.
  2.         Select all the code below, then right click it and click Copy:
  3.         TAKEOWN /F "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys"
  4.         ICACLS "C:\Windows\system32\drivers\raspppoe.sys" /grant administrators:F
  5.         Right click in the Command Prompt window and click Paste.
  6.         Press Enter.
  7.         Once it has finished, close the Command Prompt.
  8.         Go to the following folder:
  9.         C:\Windows\system32\drivers
  10.         Rename the raspppoe.sys file to raspppoe2.sys
  11.         Right click on the following file and click Save Target As / Save link as:
  12.         Vista RAS PPPoE Driver.
  13.         Save it in the C:\Windows\system32\drivers folder.
  14.         Restart the computer.

 B. If using a Modem then Power cycling your Modem and Router might resolve the problem, here           are the steps:
1)     Save all your current work, close all open applications, then shut down your computer. Wait for a minute.
2)     Turn your Router off and wait for a couple of minutes.
3)     Turn off your modem.
4)     Disconnect all the Ethernet cables that are connected to the router and modem and the PC.
5)     Reconnect them and ensure that there are no loose connections in between them.
6)     Now, switch on your PC and let it boot.
7)     Switch on the modem first and after it gets initialized, switch on the router.

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Search Song without lyrics

Songs are very important aspect of our lives. Our life is incomplete without songs no matter what we are going through but for all the moods and situations we have a song that goes into our minds.

Sometimes all we need is a song to cheer us up and change the scenario and the think towards a certain thing and we are good to go with our work and suddenly our mood becomes lighter and happy and we have a different aspect of life altogether.

Just think, you are sitting in a restaurant with your girlfriend and a romantic number is being played on the music system and suddenly all you want is that song and you think what song is this. And you want it on your playlist. Perhaps you heard a song on the radio and the announcer did not name the artist or band. It is a frustrating feeling to hear a song you like and not know who is singing it. How will you add it to your playlist to listen to later? Well, in this case google the enormous search engine will be of no use because to search anything it needs some data to be searched and probably you are blank about that song  and now you will be wondering what exactly will be the solution to this problem? Well Of course there is a solution to this problem because there are several other things apart from google that exist in the digital world of internet.There are several applications on playstore which will rescue you in this type of situations and this post is all about these applications only that have changed the way of  accessibility in the present scenario. 

Here is the list of some of the applications that can help you find your favorite songs at the instant you listen them

  1. Google App
  2. Shazam
  3. SoundHound
  4. MusicID
  5. Musixmatch
  6. Midomi
  7. WatZatSong
  8. Audio Tag
  9. Hound
  10. Musipedia:What song is this piano
  11. Soptsearch
  12. Name My Tune
  13. Melody catcher
  14. Folktunefinder

Just suppose you need a quick access to youtube to prepare your experiment in your college, or you need sudden access to certain sites for completing your school project but when you try to do so it gives you an error or a warning that "the website you are trying to access is blocked" , you would feel so frustrated, right ?

 Not to worry ..!!! We have compiled a list of the latest proxy websites that would help you in getting to any website you want or need, be it facebook, youtube , myspace etc etc.

 The internet is full of proxy sites that may bypass the internal network of the organisation that you are working in. So we have a composed a special list of the free proxies that would not only help you in hiding your ip address but also bypassing the internal proxies at your organisation or also the proxies at school that you might be having an issue with.

Here is a list of some useful proxy websites that you can use to bypass the blocked sites and use them for your purpose:-

  1.  FilterByPasshttps://www.filterbypass.me/ 
  2. Skull Proxyhttp://skullproxy.com/ 
  3. Unlock My Webhttp://www.unblockmyweb.com/ 
  4. Proxy Sitehttps://www.proxysite.com/ 
  5. Hide My Asshttps://www.hidemyass.com/
  6. Proxifyhttps://proxify.com/
  7. Free YouTube Proxyhttp://www.youtubeunblockproxy.com/ 
  8. Proxyhttp://proxy.org/ 
  9. England Proxyhttps://www.englandproxy.co.uk/ 
  10. Unblockerhttps://www.unblocker.us/ 
  11. Fast USA Proxyhttp://fastusaproxy.com/ 
  12. New IP Nowhttp://newipnow.com/ 
  13. Anonymousehttp://anonymouse.org/anonwww.html 
  14. Hidden Digital Infohttp://hiddendigital.info/ 
  15. Anony Mizerhttps://www.anonymizer.com/ 
  16. K Proxyhttp://www.kproxy.com/ 
  17. Hidesterhttps://hidester.com/proxylist/ 
  18. Don’t Filterhttp://dontfilter.us/ 
  19. Working Proxyhttps://www.workingproxy.net/ 
  20. Proxy 2014http://www.proxy2014.n 
  21. 4Everproxy - https://www.4everproxy.com/ 
  22.  Prox Free - https://www.proxfree.com/ 
  23. Proxy Sandy - https://www.proxysandy.com 
  24. My Space Proxy - http://myspaceproxy.org/ 
  25. Charlie Proxy - http://charlieproxy.ml/ 
  26. Php Proxy work - http://phproxy.work/
  27. Access for all - http://access4all.top/ 
  28. Takomak - http://takomakovpn.top/ 
  29. Arrestoo - http://arrestoo.cf/ 
  30. Phonepiwman - http://phonepiwman.top/
  31. EXCShttp://ecxs.asia 
  32. Just Proxyhttp://justproxy.co.uk  
  33. VPN Browsehttp://vpnbrowse.com 
  34. ProxyOnehttps://proxyone.net 
  35. Web Proxy Freehttp://webproxyfree.net 
  36. Can’t Block Thishttp://cantblockthis.org
  37.  Hide The Internethttp://hidetheinternet.com 
  38. Greatest Free Proxyhttp://greatestfreeproxy.com 
  39. Proxayhttp://www.proxay.co.uk
  40.  PRO Unblockhttp://pro-unblock.com 
  41. HideMyTraxProxyhttps://hidemytraxproxy.ca/ 
  42. Working Proxyhttp://workingproxy.net 
  43. Star Doll Proxyhttp://stardollproxy.com  
  44. F4FPhttp://f4fp.com 
  45. TiaFun- http://tiafun.com
  46.  Proxy 4 Freedomhttp://proxy4freedom.com 
  47. WebSurf Proxyhttp://websurfproxy.me 
  48. Fish Proxyhttp://fishproxy.com 
  49. DZ Hothttp://dzhot.us 
  50. 1FreeProxyhttp://1freeproxy.pw
  51.  Sporiumhttp://sporium.org 
  52. Saoudi Proxyhttp://saoudiproxy.info
  53.  Proxy Browsehttp://proxybrowse.info 
  54. Proxy Internethttp://proxy-internet.info 
  55. Jezus Loves This Proxyhttp://jezuslovesthisproxy.info
  56.  German Proxyhttp://german-proxy.info 
  57. CA Proxieshttp://caproxies.info
  58.  Proxy 2015http://proxy-2015.info 
  59. FB Proxieshttp://fbproxies.info 
  60. America Proxyhttp://americaproxy.info
  61.  PK Proxyhttp://pkproxy.info 
  62. Suede Proxyhttp://suedeproxy.info 
  63. To Proxyhttp://toproxy.co 
  64. PHProxyhttp://phproxy.co
  65.  London Proxyhttp://londonproxy.eu 
  66. Kr Proxyhttp://krproxy.info
  67.  Brazil Proxyhttp://brazilproxy.info 
  68. Spedohttp://spedo.co 
  69. You Liaorenhttp://youliaoren.com 
  70. Zacebook PKhttp://zacebookpk.com 
  71. Justun Block IThttp://justunblockit.com 
  72. Network ByPasshttp://networkbypass.com 
  73. Go Proxyhttp://goproxy.asia 
  74. Proxy Thishttp://proxythis.info 
  75. Me Hidehttp://mehide.asia 
  76. Zalmoshttp://zalmos.com 
  77. kProxy Sitehttp://kproxysite.com 
  78. Xite Nowhttp://xitenow.com 
  79. Hidden Digitalhttp://hiddendigital.info 
  80. Surf For Freehttp://surf-for-free.com 
  81. Intern Cloudhttp://interncloud.info 
  82. Singapore Proxyhttp://singaporeproxy.nu 
  83. PRO Internhttp://prointern.info 
  84. Fast Timehttp://fasttime.info 
  85. Work Hosthttp://workhost.eu 
  86. Travel VPN http://travelvpn.info 
  87. Proxy Call MeNameshttp://proxmecallmenames.com 
  88. Host Apphttp://hostapp.eu 
  89. Fun Proxyhttps://funproxy.net 
 Before we get into the main stuff it is important for you to know what is free proxy and in what stuff you are actually getting into.

 What is free proxy?

 A free proxy is just a forwarding proxy that you might use in order to by-pass the proxy at your organisation and the best use is to get the best proxy sites for school.In simple words a proxy site acts as a mediator between the user and the destination server. It requests the site from the destination server through bypassing the firewall used to block that particular site.It provides you a random IP address and hides your original one thus allowing you to surf the internet anonymously.

How does a Proxy Server work?

Additionally, you would also want to know how a proxy server works. So, we will make the work easy for you. It works as when you visit a site using proxy, it means that the website is not visible to you directly that is you won’t be able to interact directly with the website. It is the proxy server which interacts with the website server on the behalf of you and the proxy returns with the corresponding web page.

It simply works as the middleman between you and the web server.

Features of open and free proxy

 The feature of the free proxies are that

  1. It lets you hide your IP address. 
  2. It lets you surf the internet freely without any blockage or any disturbances. 
  3. It uses 256 bit SSL encryption to bypass government censorship. 
  4. Web browser based proxy websites hence no additional softwares needed. 
  5. Multiple proxy server locations(US,Canada) hence tracking your IP address becomes next to impossible. 

For further details on How to Unblock websites at school, you may bookmark this page as we will be updating this from time to time.

 Unblock blocked sites using VPN (Virtual Private Network) 

 There is an another way to unblock blocked websites that is with the help of VPN, but most of them are not free,however, if you can afford some bucks to unblock sites then VPN is another good option or you can also buy some cheap private or shared proxies


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